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    We’ve Created a Cutting-edge

    Home Surveillance System

    Simple Installation

    The wireless cameras pair with the NVR in less than 2 minutes

    Easy & Affordable Recording

    Plustek’s Intelligent Recording allows you to record to your own cloud, and saves on cloud space by only allowing you to program what to record

    Reliable Streaming

    Supports 5Ghz MIMO wireless technology

    Night Vision

    30 infrared LEDs that can illuminate up to a distance of 80 feet for nighttime surveillance

    Clear Video

    720P HD recording provides outstanding viewing quality

    Windows-Compatible,Android-Compatible Home Security

    Keep an eye on your house from your laptop or smartphone with our easy-to-use surveillance software

    Wireless Surveillance

    No need to hardwire cables from each camera to the NVR

    Plustek’s 5Ghz Wireless Surveillance Kit is the Only True 2 minute Installation in the Affordable Home Security & Surveillance Video Market


    Connect the NVR to the Cameras & a Monitor


    Downlond Plus-Viewer App and Scan QRcode


    Remote viewing available on Smartphone, tablet, and PC

    5Ghz Frequency Band Provides a Stable, Clear Video Signal
    Get clear, stable video for your HD Home Surveillance System

    Max. Transmission Range


    • 5Ghz bandwidth offers 4 times the data density compared to 2.4Ghz, reducing interference and providing crystal clear imaging
    • 5Ghz allows you to pair cameras over a distance of 300 feet, making this the ideal wireless surveillance solution for large homes and properties
    • 5Ghz does not share a bandwidth with microwave ovens, Bluetooth and older WIFI devices, reducing the chance of interruption and distortion
    Wireless Camera Network Video Recorder

    Increase Performance 4x’s with 2T2R MIMO

    1T1R 2T2R

    4 times

    the performance

    Supports 4 Separate Wireless Camera Channels of High Quality 720P
    Live Recorded Video!

    Affordable, DIY Home and Business Surveillance Solution

    Plustek’s NVR has auto self-repairing technology, and will automatically re-pair after a power outage

    Weatherproof and Waterproof surveillance cameras make this an ideal solution for outdoor and parking lot surveillance

    Advanced infrared LED technology provides excellent night vision, capturing images up to 80ft away.

    Wireless installation saves money on installation, and also provides complete flexibility and control

    Control your recording: Since you control your own video recording, there are no additional subscription fees or monthly costs

    Remote Viewing APP Supports
    Android, iOS and Windows

    • View a live stream from all four cameras on your laptop or smartphone
    • Easily replay and search your home surveillance videos from your smartphone
    • Set up app and recording alerts when something triggers the motion sensor

    Affordable, Professional Surveillance Solutions

    Small offices surveillance
    Gas stations surveillance
    Live view warehouse monitoring
    Construction site surveillance
    Any place that needs pop-up video surveillance or temporary video surveillance

    Supports Different Power Sources

    The adjustable 5~19v power supply means it can be powered by an adaptor or power bank, and also used as a fully solar-powered surveillance system

    Solar Energy Power Bank Power Adapter

    Record Longer with Intelligent Recording

    Intelligent Recording
    Regular Recording
    • The intelligent motion detection feature reduces or eliminates unimportant activities; extending your recording time by several days
    • The 8TB hard drive can record content up to 4 months
    • Surveillance video can be reviewed remotely from your desktop or mobile app

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