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    Film & Photo Scanners

    Professional image quality scanners that are designed for advanced or amateur photographers or users who want to preserve their photos and films.  Learn More 

    Flatbed Scanners

    Available with CIS or CCD sensors. With the one-touch buttons, the scanning process is now simplified to minimum steps.  Learn More 

    Departmental Scanners

    Automatic document feeding scanners with high speed are the ideal tool for large office environment, such as law firm, government and insurance department…etc.  Learn More 

    Workgroup Scanners

    Tailored-made affordable and efficient ADF scanners for document capture and small /medium size organizations.   Learn More 

    Personal Desktop Scanners

    This group of scanners are small, quick and intelligently designed easily connect to your office system.   Learn More 

    Portable Scanners

    Very light and compact portable scanners offer reliable performance and quality, help you to transfer documents everywhere.  Learn More 

    Network Scanners

    Scan document directly to your business process or application without PC.  Learn More 

    Book Scanners

    High-speed with 2mm book edge design scanners that will not damage your books.   Learn More 

    Customized Scan Modules

    Customized scan/capture modules for your kiosk or application system, providing a flexible approach to existing system designs, resulting in efficient development cycles with reliable performance, and therefore short time-to-market with minimal budget impacts. "  Learn More 

    Capture Devices

    SecureScan X-series are compact and stylish MRTDs scanner, designed to capture and verify relevant data, also compliant with ICAO Doc 9303 standards, resulting in the reduction in check-in time, increased traffic flow and accurate customer profile data. "  Learn More