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Introducing Plustek DocAction II

Includes user-friendly interface and useful features to create the scan profiles, configure the scan settings and simplify the scanning workflow. Except for the scan configuration, the full-text search function can help you find the document more easily and you can manually type the document index or use our OCR engine to create the index.

SmartOffice PS186 Tutorial Videos

SmartOffice PS186

Product Introduction

DocAction II Installation

Learn how to install the software

DocAction II Trouble shooting

Solve the following issue: Calibration, Feeding Failure, Jammed paper removal, wake the scanner up, standby mode adjustment and uninstall the software.

DocAction II How to scan to searchable PDF?

DocAction II How to scan to PDF?

DocAction II How to scan to JPG?

DocAction II How to scan to Multi-TIFF?