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Traveling has become immensely popular in recent years, increasing the importance of examining and managing travelers’ IDs. Therefore, Plustek has launched dedicated passport recognition solutions that can scan the passports of various countries to help vendors effectively convert travelers’ passports into digital files for archiving and management.

Currently, the commonly used recognition method is to read the MRZ on passports directly. However, most MRTZ/MRZ hardware suppliers only offer API and demo programs to facilitate system integration vendors to integrate MRZ modules into existing systems. Moreover, the majority of applications and software either do not offer both scan and recognition functions or users have to pay for these functions. These limitations have forced the majority of vendors to photocopy images for later manual entry, a method that is labor intensive.

Plustek provides several different solutions to integrate hardware and software and help clients complete the project. These solutions enable system vendors to rapidly integrate existing software. They can also be applied as standalone solutions for relevant industrial vendors, effectively replacing manual entry with automated text-based scanning.

Content recognition

Recognizes the MRZs of various passports and IDs. Once scanned, the system immediately and rapidly performs content recognition. IDs can be directly scanned, and the content is immediately accessible, thereby greatly reducing human key-in error.

Various output formats

The scanned and recognized data are accessible in XML, TXT, or CSV format. They can also be directly pasted into the fields of other applications. Users can customize the image output format of the scanned passport (e.g., TIF, JPG, or BMP) without any programming skills.

Supports various IDs

Recognizes photocopies of passports, Residents permit, IDs, and other documents.

Add watermark

Watermarks can be added to scanned images to prevent improper use.

Conveniently upload to the cloud

Once documents are scanned and recognized, they can be directly uploaded via FTP to enable cloud sharing and archiving. Documents can also be integrated into Plustek eDoc.

Supports various programming languages and interfaces

Supports various programming languages and interfaces (C/C++, C#, Java), allowing SI to develop customized applications.


Hotel Industry

Accommodation registration and management


Residence permit, visa, emigration/immigration management

Travel Industry

Overseas business and travel affairs

Service Industry

Car rental and surveys

Finance Industry

Foreigner account creations and investments


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