This network document scanner is standalone, you can complete all settings on this scanner.
You don't need to install the driver and set the network scanner from client PC through LAN.
It provide the easiest one-touch scan and send directly to your destination.

What is Enterprise Network Document Scanner?

Enterprise support FTP protocol and SMB protocol, it is suitable for you, if you are MIS, File manager, Document manage center, DMS provider and integration system vendor.

One Touch:
Scan documents directly into FTP server
Scan documents directly into Network drive via SMB
Scan documents directly into a new email message
Scan documents directly into USB drive

Enterprise provide administrator to control the function below:

  1. Account management- Manage the user account
  2. Job management- Manage the upload destination and scan mode of job buttons
  3. User protection (created by administrator)
    Account password protection
    Scan job password protection