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    Bring your paper photos back to life!

    Have you ever been reminded of an event in your life by looking at old photos? You can’t let these memories fade away. These are the moments that matter.

    Converting your photo prints to digital files is quick and easy

    The Plustek ePhoto Z300 photo scanner is fast. At a speed of 2 seconds per 4x6”photo, you can convert about 1000 photos to digital files in one afternoon.

    More efficient than a flatbed scanner

    The automatic scan feature of ePhoto automatically scans photos as soon as they inserted in the scanner. After the photo is scanned, it is ejected and ePhoto is ready to scan another photo. This makes ePhoto much more efficient than a flatbed.

    Perfect images

    ePhoto is extremely simple to use, but it contains state of the art imaging technologies to ensure your scanned images look better than the original.

    Key Features and Benefits

    Supports Windows and Mac OS

    Intuitive user interface

    Automatic continuous scanning and processing

    Supports Drag and drop

    Automatic and advanced image adjustment tools

    Easily manage your scans by creating file and photo cabinets

    Share your scans to Facebook, Google Drive, Flickr, Twitter, Dropbox, and email

    Automatic start, automatic software update and automatic save options

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    More than just a photo scanner

    ePhoto is also a document scanner so you can scan receipts, recipes or any documents you want to save or share with your family and friends.


    Letters and Documents




    Compact and stylish design

    ePhoto is easily transportable so you can scan at friends and relative's homes.