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Plustek eScan network scanner supports direct scanning into PDF/A format, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) approved standard for archiving electronic documents. We are all familiar with PDF format that is been around as the major file transfer format in business and corporate environment; however, businesses are seeking securer way to archive documents, which calls for PDF/A.
By using PDF/A format, it allows preservation of PDFs to be self-sustainable. PDF/A achieves this self-sustainability by embedding information, such as: content, color, font, images, text, etc., needed for displaying the document within the document itself. Which means that no other third-party software or information is needed to display the content as it is created.
PDF/A is a standard that have revolutionize the way businesses and government institutions archive critical documents and records. PDF/A is designed to make all electronic file in one single standardized format that is easy to update, searchable, easy to organize, efficient, transportable, and above all, sustainable. Therefore, by being able to scan stacks of paper documents directly to PDF/A format, it means lower cost, fewer paper documents to archive, store digital files and archived the documents in multiple locations which can make it much less vulnerable to fires, floods, or any other natural disasters.