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The best scanning solution for film photography and slide conversion

  • 35mm Slide and Negative film support - Digitizes 35mm Negatives and Slides with 7200 DPI (69 Megapixels) and 48-bit color output.
  • Suit for silver based black-and-white film and Kodachrome film. SRDx can correcting the scratches on the film, AACO can lightens shadow areas, without changing mid-tones and highlights.
  • 3.6D high DYNAMIC RANGE with Multi-Exposure -reveals more shadow details and creates less image noise.
  • Powerful software include - bundles with Plustek QuickScan and LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast SE Plus ( US 119 )
  • Support Windows 7/ 8/ 10/ 11 (64-bit only) and Mac OS 10.7 ~ 14.x , user can download driver from Plustek website.

7200 dpi resolution

3.6 Dynamic Range

48 bit color depth

SilverFast SE Plus bundled

Win & Mac

It doesn’t matter if you have old slides to convert into digital format, or you are still shooting film today, the OpticFilm 8100 scanner is a dedicated film scanner that is up to both tasks. Plustek has manufactured dedicated film scanners for over 20 year and we understand film photography image quality and scanning requirements.

Plustek OpticFilm 8100 is a dedicated 35mm film and slide scanner that scans color negative film, black and white negative film, slides, reversal film and Kodakchrome film. This 7200 dpi resolution scanner is designed with state of the art illumination and optical systems. These systems enable the scanner to capture the highest detail and dynamic range possible from your film with accurate color reproduction.

Compared to a flatbed scanner or small all-in-one “converters”, the OpticFilm 8100 provides more accurate, detailed, color rich images. These are great for sharing on-line, but they can also be enlarged and printed up to 36” x 24”. The OpticFilm 8100 image quality is comparable to the image quality provided by commercial labs and scanning services!

With the Plustek OpticFilm 8100, it is easier than ever to get your film and slide scanning project started. It is the ideal film and slide scanner for a wide range of uses including: slide and film digital conversion, amateur and professional photography, photo clubs, and analog photography classes.

−   Designed for outstanding image quality   −

No need to press any buttons

State of the art imaging system

The Plustek OpticFilm 8100 is designed with state of the art illumination and optical systems including high-sensitive color CCD sensor to ensure the image quality.
Besides, the scanner comes with two film holders for holding slides and film strips. With the film holder, the media are well protected. There will be no physical contact with the media during the scanning process and ensure accurate scans.

No need to press any buttons

High resolution

This dedicated 35mm film scanner features true 7200 dpi optical resolution that ensures sharp and vivid images, and an output of up to 68.9 megapixels. That’s similar to a full frame digital-SLR camera. You can create enlargements up to 36” x 24”.

No need to press any buttons

Built-in ICC profile

Color management is very important for input, output and display devices in the digital imaging world. Color management ensures your scanned images look exactly the same when printed and displayed.
The Plustek OpticFilm 8100 has built-in ICC profiles for different slide films including, Kodachrome slides. Your scanned images will look just as good when they are printed as they did on your display when they were scanned.

No need to press any buttons

High dynamic range

Dynamic range is the range of recordable light from darkest to lightest on the exposed film that a scanner can read.
A scanner with a larger dynamic range can capture more shadow and highlight details.
With a dynamic range of up to 3.6 D, you will rediscover how beautiful and natural the highlights and shadows are in analog photography thanks to your when scanned on the Plustek OpticFilm 8100.

Scanning – Proven - Optimized

The Plustek OpticFilm 8100 scanner is bundled with SilverFast SE Plus. SilverFast software, using a dual interface, is designed for both professionals and beginners who digitize their analog images. SilverFast's intelligent automatic functions make it much easier to get brilliant results and exceed your expectations.

For Example:

  • SilverFast Multi-Exposure reveals more shadow details and creates less image noise.
  • SilverFast NegaFix with over 120 profiles for negative film ensures best results when converting negatives into brilliant positives.
  • SilverFast SRDx feature is perfect for correcting the scratches on the film, especially silver based black-and-white film and Kodachrome film.
  • SilverFast AACO lightens shadow areas, without changing mid-tones and highlights.

SilverFast software is available for both Mac and Windows platforms, and also includes a native Adobe Photoshop plug-in.

Best archiving for presentation and enlargement


  • Plustek OpticFilm 8100 scanning resolutions range from 600 dpi to 7200 dpi.
  • Scan times and speed will vary due to resolution and computer performance differences.
  • Scanning 35mm film at 1800 dpi is adequate for full HD display presentation.

−   OpticFilm 8100 | 8200i SE | 8200i Ai Comparison Table   −

OpticFilm 8100 OpticFilm 8200i SE OpticFilm 8200i Ai
WorkflowPilot ®
Own presets
(Software based Dust and Scratch Removal)
Marker & Eraser tool
iSRD ® *
(Software based Dust and Scratch Removal)
w/ polygon mark
HDRi ® *
SilverFast Multi-Exposure ®
Automatic Frame Detection
with IFF+Engine
own frame sets
(Selective Color Correction)
w/ polygon mark
NegaFix ®
own profiles
JobManager ®
Kodachrome Features
(Auto Adaptive Contrast Optimization)
Auto IT8 Calibration
Expert Mode
16 Bit Histogram
48/16 Bit RAW Data
48/16 Bit Images

  • * if your scanner‘s hardware is supporting this feature. A copy of SilverFast HDR or HDR Studio is required for processing HDRi files.
  • * OpticFilm 8100 is not supporting iSRD and HDRi features due to no built-in IR.