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X-Mini Passport Scanner

A Mini Solution to Boost up Your Business’Efficiency

No More Photocopying ID and Passports

High Speed Scanning

An ID takes a minute to photocopying and key-in

High Speed Scanning

With X-Mini only takes few seconds

SecureScan X-Mini Simplifies Passport Scanning and MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) Data Extraction.

ID and Passports
1 second Scan
Data recognized and stored
ID and Passports 1 second Scan Data recognized and stored
Fast Passport Scanner Fast Passport Scanner

Capable of Reading Machine Readable Zone and Visual Inspection Zone Data*

SecureScan X-Mini can capture and verify relevant data of all international passports,plastic ID cards and other documents.

*All Visual Inspection Zone (VIZ) requires customization. Applicable fees may apply, please contact us for more info.

Scanner for MRZ and VIZ Scanner for MRZ and VIZ

Completely Compliant with ICAO Doc 9303 Standards

Supporting TD1/TD2/MRP/MRV document size scanning, which include international passports and other travel documents.

Scanner compliant with ICAO Doc 9303 Standards Scanner compliant with ICAO Doc 9303 Standards

1-Second Quick Scan with OCR

SecureScan X-Mini only takes approximately 1 second from scanning to showing on screen.OCR function helps to read and input the customers profile data more accurately.

OCR Function OCR Function

Applications in Various Industries


Scanner for hotels

Hotels and several property management uses ID scanner to enhance visitors' check-in time and process.


Automative Industry Scanner

Car rental shops uses ID scanner to enhance customer experience and verify customers' information.


Scanner for Healthcare Industry

Hospitals and clinics often need to read patients' ID card or insurance card to provide exact and better service.


securescan is suitable for banking industry which require a lot of ID scan

Banks and financial institutes always require customers to present their IDs to verify sensitive personal information and keep records. 


Scanner for hotels

When customers go to the telecom carrier company, usually the telecom employees will ask to scan customers’ ID to keep records and verify the information.


Scanner for hotels

Universities and educational institutions need to scan students IDs everyday to ensure the security and privacy.

Bundled Software

Plustek SecureScan Manager

SecureScan Manager

Plustek SecureScan Software