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The Plustek SmartOffice PL2000 Plus is a 80-page ADF flatbed scanner and ideal choice for workgroups with a demanding work load and limited budget.

LED Light Source

The compact and office-friendly design of the SmartOffice PL2000 Plus includes CCD technology which requires smaller space and LED as light source. The low power LED illumination is environmentally friendly, longer lasting, and provides unique illumination, without warm-up time, to enable accurate color imaging.


Single-Touch button design of the SmartOffice PL2000 Plus allows you to complete scanning task with ease. It includes five default buttons to access OCR, Copy, Searchable PDF and File, and these buttons can also be customized for your specific need. The TWAIN user interface provides various features to enhance image quality.

Multifunctional Scanning

The ADF capacity of SmartOffice PL2000 Plus is up to 80 pages. Acceptable document size range from 1,2 x 1,2 up to 22 x 35,5 cm. The scanners flatbed unit enables users to scan delicate or extra thick documents, such as photos and graphics, manuscripts or even books.

Advanced Sngle-Touch Scanning

With Plustek’s DocAction exclusive software application, users only need to properly place the document on the scanner, then press the ”Scan” button. The scanned image can be directly sent to your desirable destination applications. The features allow you to directly scan to searchable PDF, PDF/A and OCR, and also access programs seamlessly, such as Excel, Word, Email, Copy and Save to File directly.

Environmentally Friendly and Energy-Saving

The SmartOffice PL2000 Plus meets ENERGY STAR standards, and contributes to an environmentally-friendly and responsible work space.

Features The SmartOffice PL2000 Plus has following features:

Auto Threshold

Automatically thresholds the current image into a binary black and white image.

Auto Rotate

Automatically rotates document based on the contents of the document.

Auto Crop & Deskew

Automatically straightens and crops image to the documents actual size.

Color Dropout

Removes red, green or blue color when scanning forms.

Blank Page Removal

Automatically removes blank pages without manual editing.