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    The Plustek OpticSlim 1680 makes everyday scanning seamless and fast.

    Looking for ways to stay organized?The Plustek OpticSlim 1680 delivers astounding-quality scans at fast speeds, so you can quickly scan vibrant artwork and images to share your colleagues and customers.With a sleek and compact design,the OpticSlim 1680 uses less desktop and storage space than other A3-sized scanners, which is suitable for the desktop.

    Makes variety document scanning easy and fast
    Flatbed scanner with compact and sleek design
    The OpticSlim 1680 is an 11.69" x 17" tabloid sized scanner

    A Perfect Solution for Large Format Document Scanner

    The OpticSlim 1680 is an 11.69" x 17" tabloid sized scanner, designed for large format document scanning. It can simultaneously scan two pages spread book, two letter-sized pages, large-format magazines, legal-sized documents, scrapbooks and newspaper.

    Safely Scan
    Fragile Images
    & Documents
    Safely scan fragile images and documents

    Outstanding Resolution Function

    Outstanding resolution function
    Continuous scan

    Continuous Scan

    Remove background

    Remove Background

    Multi output

    Multi Output



    Continuous scan

    Innovative Photo Editor

    Take advantage of photo editor, and its included advanced adjustment tools, to quickly bring your photos back to ideal condition.

    * Currently Mac is supported. Windows will be available soon.

    Advanced adjustment tools for photos

    Easy-to-use Single Touch Buttons

    The OpticSlim 1680 has four one-touch scan buttons (Scan, OCR, PDF and Email) to simplify the whole scanning process and automate the most used functions.
    Easy to use single touch buttons to simplify the scanning process

    Convert Images to Searchable or Editable [1] 

    The OpticSlim 1680 includes Plustek OCR function (powered by ABBYY) that help to convert scanned paper document such as receipts/invoice/delivery notes in to search PDF or editable files.

    Convert Images to Searchable or Editable Convert Images to Searchable or Editable
    Organize toy architectural plands and drawings

    Organize Your Architectural Plans & Engineering Drawings

    The blueprints for constructions or design project are often required to be modified thousands times before the final versions. Digitalizing blueprints can simply share to project team members and save the cost of management.

    Digitalize your book collection

    Digitalize Your Book Collection

    OpticSlim 1680 simply creates an eBook library. You can bring your entire collection with you wherever you go and no worries about ruining your original copies. No worries about ruining your original copies,or limited edition.

    save the artworks/draft for your children

    Save The Artworks / Draft for Your Children

    Drawing is the important part of one's childhood; you can save the artwork for kids and share it via the OpticSlim 1680.

    Take less time to increase productivity

    Take Less Time to Increase Productivity

    The scanned document can be accurately into excel or word files, so you don’t have to spend too much time on keying data and increase work efficiency.

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