Amidst the prevalence of Android devices all over the world, more and more people opt to carry just their portable devices rather than their bulky laptops. Smartphones are lightweight and convenient. Their built-in cameras can take and store images, seemingly replacing scanners. However, the quality of scanners significantly outmatches that of smartphone cameras. Moreover, camera images do not provide indexing functionality, making it difficult for later searches.
In this regard, Plustek has developed solutions to meet the needs of different groups, including field personnel that are seldom in the office but are required to scan files to the cloud or the company, as well as Android-based system/platform integrators.

Android App Solution

Field personnel who are often in the field and are required to store or transfer data images. These workers gradually learn to replace their laptops with their portable devices like smartphones and tablets.

Certified public bookkeeper

Certified public bookkeepers are to visit their clients each month and scan their books.


During audits, auditors are required to scan problematic invoices.

Freight drivers

After a successful delivery, drivers scan the receipt and uploaded it to the company’s system, which automatically notifies senders that their package has arrived at the destination.

Law enforcers

Enforcers can immediately scan their target’s ID during ad-hoc inspections,immediately sending information to back-end to confirm authenticity.


Paramedics can transfer patient's health insurance data to the hospital en-route, allowing hospital staff to access the patient’s medical history beforehand and extending preparation times.

Sales representatives

Sales representatives often discuss cases with clients on paper. These notes can later be scanned and shared.

Frequent business travelers

Travelers are often required to scan and store receipts so that they can be reimbursed by their finance department.

Certified public bookkeeper


Freight driver

Law enforcers


Sales representatives

Frequent business travelers

Plustek Solutions

Plustek offers comprehensive solutions to combine Android platform devices with Plustek’s scanners to set up Android networking scanning systems. Users no longer need to carry their laptops wherever they go.

Advantages of using Plustek’s Android App solution

Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface: Just launch the APP and place the document in the Plustek scanner to automatically scan the document. Once scanned, users can view or edit the image and then upload the image to a cloud service (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or FTP server) or e-mail. In the office, images can be processed using e.g. OCR software to convert them into searchable PDFs and Word or Excel Documents for fast searching in the future.

One-Stop Mobile Solution: Compared to current battery-powered scanners on the market, Plustek solutions are more lightweight and versatile. Documents can be scanned directly on Android devices. Exporting files from SD card or connecting to smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi are a thing of past.

Recommended Plustek scanners

Android system integration Solution

This solution targets Android developers and system integrators. Currently, this solution has been successfully integrated into gambling and lottery systems, financial self-service robots, express delivery systems, and movement detection systems.

Diverse and comprehensive scanner production line

Due to different market applications and demands, Plustek endeavors to create a diversified and comprehensive production line to satisfy the needs of every client. Currently, there are many scanners available that are compatible with the Android system. Please contact us for more information.

All-round image processing and integration services

1. Android SDK & Demo for scanners
2. Various image-optimization IP functions
3. Various recognition system SDKs
  • - 1D & 2D barcode recognition
  • - International travel document recognition(MRTD)
  • - Check recognition (E13B & CMC-7)
  • - Optical marking recognition (OMR)
4. Back-end system analysis and process integration

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