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       Products   File Management Solution
    Storage Virtual machine installation package for Enterprise corporation needs. (Supports NAS virtual machine (VM) environment)
    Access Control Create new folder/ files, download, make duplication, delete, move or edit
    Dual Authentication Yes
    Built-in OCR Support up to 190 languages, including Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, and Hebrew
    Built-in Barcode Recognition Auto file naming and embed as metadata
    Tag & Search Yes
    Full-Text Indexing & Search Yes
    Advanced Search Capability Supports advanced boolean logic search expression conditions (and/ or / not )
    Thumbnail Preview PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF
    Auto Classification Yes
    Advanced Sharing Permission Password-Protected & with Expiring Shared Links via URL/ QR Code/ Email
    Account Console Supports monitoring specific document folder/s and notify when file created, modified, moved, downloaded or deleted
    External Uploads Request via URL Up to 10GB
    Data Backup Manual/Schedule
    Integrated File Upload via SMB for Multi-Function Printer and Mapping to a network folder
    Detail Property Overview Display detail properties and values of the files
    Smart File Synchroinzation By Date and Time (Windows, Mac)
    Search Tool Utility eDoc Discovery (Windows)
    Accessibility Smartphone (Android, iOS), PC (Windows, Mac)