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    Capture, digitize
    and archive solution for Education

    Plustek offers innovative technology to help you provide

    Plustek provides educators and school administrators with many alternatives for scanning documents and creating electronic copies of paper and film. Plustek's broad portfolio of scanners will exceed your scanning requirements for: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliance, Administrative Offices, Nurses Offices, General Education Classrooms, Special Education Classrooms, Art and Photography Classrooms, Library and even Home Tutoring Programs.

    Plustek offers innovative technology to help you provide

    How we can help

    Administrative and District Offices

    solution for administrator offices
    • Save general business documents as PDFs
    • Digitize student records to comply with FERPA.
    • Create electronic copies of employment applications
    • Digitize and email paper documents to district offices and other administrators.
    • Input paper documents to student information systems.

    General Education and Special Education Classrooms

    solution for classroms
    • Scan and email class materials and tests to support remote and distance learning programs.
    • Scan and email class materials to tutors.
    • Create PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, Word Pro, WordPerfect files of student term papers and projects.
    • Email student work examples to parents and other teachers.
    • OCR and create editable electronic copies of paper documents.


    solution for school library
    • Create PDFs from books instead of duplicating book pages with a copier.
    • Archive historical books and bound materials.
    • Create PDFs from books and bound materials for classroom presentation and resources.
    • Create PDF copies of newspaper articles.
    • Create editable electronic copies of paper documents.

    • For more library solution, visit: Here

    Art and Photography Classrooms

    film scanner for classroom
    • Scan and digitize photographic negatives and slides.
    • Scan students' artwork for preservation and presentation.

    Nurses Office

    easy scan insurance card
    • Create electronic copies of student health clearance forms.
    • Create electronic copies of student medication forms.
    • Create an electronic record of accident reports and email to appropriate administration.