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    Capture, digitize
    and archive solution for Accounting

    Capture, digitize and archive accounting documents

    Accounting practices rely on paper documents and processes. Paper documents are problematic for your business because they must be manually filed, cause office clutter, are difficult to find and share. As your practice grows, so does your pile of paper documents and this cause you to spend more time and money filing, retrieving and sharing these documents.

    Typical Accounting Documents

    • Audit worksheets
    • IRS tax forms
    • Evidential documents
    • Proxy statements
    • Correspondence
    • Source documents
    • Advisory letters
    • Invoices
    • Receipts


    Plustek document scanning solutions will help you organize and electronically file your paper documents. Sharing documents with customers and colleagues becomes as simple as loading documents and pressing a button. Imagine a clutter free office with no stacks of paper! With a Plustek scanning solution, sharing and organizing your documents is simple!

    Digitize files instantly

    Digitize files

    With one button scanning, you can select the file format, scan type or saving destination for each type of the form. Digitize and archive your documents with just one snap.

    Capture and fill-in

    Capture and fill-in

    With Plustek software, you can customized the specific form data and fill-in/ import to your own system, no manual entry, low error-rate and less time-consuming.

    quick data retrieve

    Retrieve data

    Search your files with not only the file name but also any keyword in the content! You can also name the file with barcode number, file type or customized keyword.

    Plustek scanners feature DocAction single touch scanning. At the touch of a button, you can save a document to any one of up to nine different destinations including: folders on your PC or network, email, FTP or even your printer.

    Easy to Use


    Digitized documents can be saved in many different formats including: searchable PDF, MS Office, TIF or JPG. You can scan tabular data and edit it in Microsoft Excel. You can scan and edit paper documents in Microsoft Word and if you have standardized on PDF, you can save your documents in either searchable PDF or image only PDF format.



    All Plustek scanners will create searchable PDF files with the touch of a button. Searchable PDF files make your information easy to find and share. Any desktop search software can be used to quickly locate searchable PDF documents by searching by client name, tax ID number or any data on your paper documents.

    Searchable PDF


    Plustek document scanner are designed with the image quality, paper handling and reliability required by the most demanding business users but at a price point attractive to small office and SOHO users. You can easily cost justify a scanner for each member of your firm.