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OpticPro A320

Plustek OpticPro A320 là máy quét khổ lớn có thể quét tài liệu khổ 12 "x 17" (304,8 mm x 431,8 mm) với độ phân giải cao 1600 dpi chỉ trong 8,5 giây. Đó là lý tưởng cho người dùng về thiết kế đồ họa, công ty xuất bản, thư viện, trường học, văn phòng/hộ gia đình nhỏ (SOHO) người dùng và bất cứ ai có nhu cầu để quét đồ họa và văn bản có kích thước A3.

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Quét khổ lớn

Quét tài liệu khổ lớn kích thước A3 (304,8 x 431,8 mm / 12 "x 17")

Tốc độ quét nhanh

Quét nhanh với tốc độ 8,5 giây khi quét thang màu cho tài liệu A3 ở 300 dpi.

Một nút nhấn

Bảy nút với công nghệ một nút nhấn cho phép người dùng quét nhanh với các chức năng đã thiết lập trước: quét, file, sao chép, OCR, tạo file PDF và email.

Phần mềm đi kèm thân thiện với người dùng

Phần mềm xử lý hình ảnh và quản lý tài liệu đi kèm dễ sử dụng giúp chuyển đổi PDF an toàn và nhanh, tổ chức hình ảnh cho phép xem ở chế độ thu nhỏ và OCR chính xác.
Cảm biến hình ảnhCCD
Độ phân giải quang học1600 dpi
Chế độ quétColor: 48-bit input, 24-bit output
Grayscale: 16-bit input, 8-bit output
B/W: 1-bit output
Color DepthInput 48-bit; Output 24-bit
Tốc độ quét8.5 sec (Color/ Grayscale/ B&W mode, 300dpi, A3)
Vùng quét (WxL)Max. 304.8 mm x 431.8 mm (12" x 17"), A3
Công suất quét hàng ngày (Tờ)2,500
Nút chức năngScan, OCR, Copy, File, Email, Custom1 & Custom2
Nguồn điện24 Vdc/ 1.67 A
Điện năng tiêu thụ< 36 W (operation), < 4 W (idle)
Giao diện kết nốiUSB 2.0
Trọng lượng7.5 Kgs (16.52 Lbs)
Kích thước (W x D x H)623 x 400 x 133 mm (24.53” x 15.75” x 5.24”)
Chuẩn kết nốiTWAIN Compliant
Hệ điều hành hỗ trợWindows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Mac OS X 10.7.x/ 10.8.x/ 10.9.x/ 10.10.x/ 10.11.x/ 10.12.x/ 10.13.x
LINUX SANE only for Systems Integrator. Please contact local sales.
Yêu cầu phần cứngPentiumR IV 2.0 GHz processor
CD-ROM Driver
One available USB 2.0 Port
512 MB RAM (1GB or higher recommended)
800 MB free HDD space (1 GB or larger recommended)
Plustek DocAction

Tiện ích nút nhấn giúp đơn giản hóa việc quét tài liệu. DocAction cho phép thiết lập cấu hình quét theo nhu cầu của bạn và quét tài liệu chỉ với một nút nhấn. Tài liệu đã quét sẽ tự động được gửi trực tiếp đến Máy in, Email, FTP hoặc Thư mục. DocAction cũng cho phép bạn quét trực tiếp đến nhiều phần mềm quản lý hình ảnh và tài liệu. DocAction lưu tài liệu đã quét dưới các định dạng ảnh thông thường bao gồm: JPEG, TIFF, và PDF.


Set your preferences of advanced functions of Removal Blank Page, Image Edge Fill and Remove Punch Holes.
ABBYY FineReader 12.0 Sprint

Chuyển đổi dữ liệu trong ảnh, tài liệu giấy và các tập tin PDF với độ chính xác cao giúp bạn không phải đánh máy và định dạng lại. Công cụ này giúp tăng năng suất và hiệu quả với giao diện người dùng đơn giản và hỗ trợ nhận dạng lên đến 183 ngôn ngữ.

  • Chuyển đổi tài liệu và ảnh đã quét sang dạng Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF có thể tìm kiếm và các định dạng khác.
  • Nhận dạng chính xác hơn & giữ nguyên khung với 183 ngôn ngữ
  • Dễ dàng chuyển đổi thông minh chỉ với một lần nhấp chuột – không cần đào tạo.
  • Nhận dạng đa ngôn ngữ với tính năng phát hiện ngôn ngữ tự động
  • Chụp và OCR ngay lập tức trên màn hình với ABBYY Screenshot Reader
  • Công nghệ ADRT (Công nghệ nhận dạng tài liệu thích ứng) tiên tiến nhất giúp giữ nguyên định dạng và kiểu tài liệu

Education - Library



Plustek Helps Medical Campus achieve its Goal to Go Digital


The University of Kansas School of Medicine-Salina opened in July 2011 as an innovative medical education program designed to address the shortage of rural doctors in the United States. The goal of the program is to attract medical students with a strong interest in practicing rural medicine and encourage them to stay and build their own practices in rural areas after earning their degrees and completing their residencies. The new campus’ curriculum is tied to the classroom offerings at the KU Medical Center’s campuses in Kansas City and Wichita. The learning process relies heavily on video-conferencing, with students in Salina participating in lectures with their peers in other cities and receiving many of their lectures via podcast.

To keep the program functioning at its highest potential, Salina campus leaders decided that the best way to streamline costs was to go green by using products such as scanners that are more cost-effective than printers and reduce paper waste.

School administrators reviewed their options and were leaning toward a large and expensive book scanner that had been used with great success on another campus. Before deciding on purchasing it, they were introduced to Plustek’s ST BookScan Center, which offered features similar to the larger scanner but was more cost-effective. Because of its size and price point, KU School of Medicine-Salina administrators opted for the ST BookScan Center. They believed the ST BookScan Center was a good match for the school’s highly computerized curriculum. School administrators believe the medical students will find it more suited to the electronic delivery of course materials than a traditional copier. 2

“We’re hosting a new generation of students who are much more comfortable and tech-savvy than ever before, so I’m sure they will think of endless ways to use the scanner in ways we haven’t even discovered,” said Lucy Kolhoff, senior coordinator, KU School of Medicine, Salina campus. “Because of the distance from the main school, our campus uses digital methods of communication, so the ST BookScan Center works well with what we’ve been trying to create, which is a highly accessible place to learn and retrieve information quickly.”

Currently, Kolhoff is using the ST BookScan Center for archiving and digitizing documents that are easily sent to the main campus. The scanner is located in an accessible spot that allows medical students to readily scan library materials to thumb drives and emails as well. Kolhoff believes that the Plustek ST BookScan Center would be ideal for businesses and educational facilities that rely heavily on paper and toner but want to go green. Kolhoff said that its user-friendly software made the ST BookScan Center simple to understand and easy to use.

An ideal alternative to the copier, the Plustek ST BookScan Center can scan books and large format documents to a USB flash drive, shared network folder, FTP site, email address or even a printer. The system is easy to use and does not require user training. Prompts on the touch screen display guide users through the scanning process and enable them to save books, bound materials and documents in a variety of formats including searchable PDF. The ST BookScan Center was created based on the concept of book preservation, digitization of content and sharing of the book electronically. It can scan up to A3 size page (12” x 17”) in just 2.4 seconds. Thanks to Plustek’s patent pending SEE technology, spine shadows and distortions are eliminated and thick books are scanned without unbinding or dismantling making it a perfect solution for digitizing precious and valuable books and documents. The optional coin-op/card-op payment system can be added for organizations that want to generate revenue from the use of the system. 

Finance - Accounting

Accounting practices rely on paper documents and processes.  Paper documents are problematic for your business because they must be manually filed, cause office clutter, are difficult to find and share.  As your practice grows, so does your pile of paper documents and this causes you spend more time and money filing, retrieving and sharing these documents.

Typical Accounting Documents
Audit worksheets
IRS tax forms
Evidential documents
Proxy statements
Source documents
Advisory letters

Plustek document scanners will help you organize and electronically file your paper documents.  Sharing documents with customers and colleagues becomes as simple as loading documents and pressing a button.  Imagine a clutter free office with no stacks of paper!  With a Plustek scanner, sharing and organizing your documents is simple!

Easy to Use:
Plustek scanners feature DocAction single touch scanning.    At the touch of a button, you can save a document to any one of up to nine different destinations including: folders on your PC or network, email, FTP or even your printer.  Thanks to the flexibility of DocAction and the industry standard TWAIN drivers that are supplied with Plustek scanners, you can scan directly into your accounting or document management application.

Built in image enhancement ensures the highest quality images with the least amount of work.  Documents are automatically adjusted for brightness, automatically cropped to the proper size and rotated.  The result is higher OCR accuracy and fewer rescans.

Digitized documents can be saved in many different formats including: searchable PDF, MS Office, TIF or JPG.  You can scan tabular data and edit it in Microsoft Excel.  You can scan and edit a paper documents in Microsoft Word and if you have standardized on PDF, you can save your documents in either searchable PDF or image only PDF format. 

Also, Plustek scanners come with a software bundle that includes: Optical Character Recognition (OCR), document management and business card reading software.

Searchable PDF:
All Plustek scanners will create searchable PDF files with the touch of a button.  Searchable PDF files make your information easy to find and share.  Any desktop search software can be used to quickly locate searchable PDF documents by searching by client name, tax ID number or any data on your paper documents.  No more miss filed documents!  Another benefit of using searchable PDF is document sharing.  PDF files can be read on all computer and mobile platforms including Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, Android, Windows Mobile, and Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod). 

Plustek document scanners document scanner are designed with the image quality, paper handling and reliability required by the most demanding business users but at a price point attractive to small office and SOHO users.  You can easily cost justify a scanner for each member of your firm.

Case Study

Case Study: Text-to-Speech Scanning Significantly Increases Access to Library Materials for Visually Impaired Students

Contact: Jennifer Thomé


More than 30% of visually impaired students use auditory readers to extract written information and convert it into text1, but the process is often cumbersome and creates documents with many inaccuracies. The Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind has successfully implemented a scanning procedure using the Plustek OpticPro A320 large format A3 book scanner and OpenBook software that improves the speed and accuracy of book scanning and allows greater access for all visually impaired students.


Digitizing printed materials is an important aspect of providing accessibility services to the visually impaired at libraries, schools and universities, yet has been plagued by a major challenge: traditional scanners were slow and incapable of producing the quality of scans needed for OCR (optical character recognition) software to perform at its best. The result was inaccurate character rendering that were difficult to understand by visually impaired students and required additional editing by administrators

The Florida School for the Dead and the Blind has been using the OpticPro A320 in conjunction with OpenBook software to digitize text for visually impaired students. In their process, an administrative assistant will scan each book using the A320 and OpenBook software , which was specifically designed to enhance success for people who are blind or have low vision and who need access to printed and electronic materials.

Administrative Assistant Robin Felder has been using the Plustek OpticPro A320 to scan books for visually impaired students with great success. She initially chose the scanner for its speed,but was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of its scans. In an interview she told Plustek that the editing she had to do with the scans from her previous machine had all but been eliminated since using the A320.

Felder also expressed that being able to place the whole book on the scanner and still get a scan without distortion greatly expedited her workflow, and that it took only seconds to scan each page. She is now able to finishing scanning a 500 to 600 page book every three days or so.

The A320 was designed by Plustek to offer a low-cost, high-resolution device that works on both graphics and text. The A320 uses high-resolution Sony CCD (charge-coupled device), which combines with a high quality lens to generate 1,600 dpi optical resolution. In layman’s terms,this combination of technology allows it to it “see” more details on the original document.

Along with this powerful coupling, Plustek also designed an image tuning technology that optimizes the interaction between hardware and software. It works by smoothing out pixels and creating better balance between highlights and shadows, rending a much clearer and enhanced image quality, regardless of output type.

Established in 1986, Los Angeles-based Plustek is a leader in scanning solutions. Their products include high-speed document scanners, mobile, USB-powered scanners, book scanners, as well as security equipment and film scanners. Their OpticPro A320 (MSRP $549) is a large-format A3 flatbed scanner. The Advanced OpticBook A300 (MSRP $1,699) is a large-format A3 book scanner that comes bundled with Book Pavilion software and has a beveled edge that eliminates nearly all distortions caused by a book’s binding.

Legal - Government

The Plustek EZ BookScan Center copies, scans and prints ledger size -- making legal and archiving work effortless

Becky Haydel has been a successful Deputy Clerk of Court in Franklin, Louisiana for many years. Becky’s responsibilities include scanning and archiving all of the original documents filed with the City for land pre servation purposes. The job role requires her to ensure that all public documents and records are available to the general public for review and copying in an ongoing and timely manner. Her scanning duties become even more sensitive (and time intensive) when it comes to scanning aged (and often bound) documents that are susceptible to damage when scanning in the traditional fashion.

“I use the Plustek EZ BookScan Center several times throughout the day to produce copies of the original documents that have been bound into book volumes,” explained Becky. “This Plustek GreenScan System saves me time because it allows me to scan my next document page while the first page is printing.”

Although the courthouse had an old book copier that was modified by Binder Minder and still worked, it would not allow them to copy up to the book’s binding. Adam Crappel, of A & E Office Machines, Inc., spoke to Becky about a different option. He introduced the idea of using the Plustek EZ BookScan Center which consists of a Plustek OpticBook A300 scanner, kiosk-like software, and a touch-screen computer, and printer that would operate similarly to their original copier, but would provide more features. This solution proved more efficient with better copy quality and ease, using touch screen display allowing her to see the scanned document before it printed.

Becky finds relief in a dedicated document and book scanning solution that is convenient, efficient and produces quality images. The Plustek EZ BookScan Center scans an A3-size page in just 2.4 seconds, creating a crisp, sharp image, which can then be turned into different formats. The solution includes highly effective image processing, fast and secure PDF conversion and highly accurate optical character recognition (OCR) software. The scanned output can be saved to a flash drive or shared network folder, sent to an email address, printer or FTP site, Becky found these features in the Plustek EZ BookScan Center more advantageous than the features in their previous photocopier/software hybrid.

“The Plustek GreenScan System is very useful in producing excellent scanned copies from our older bound records,” said Becky. “Producing quality images and saving me time makes my job easier.”

One of Becky’s main responsibilities is assisting anyone doing research with the court’s records. “Saving time on scanning documents has allowed me to give assistance to those who need it, when they need it.”

The Plustek EZ BookScan Center is an ideal solution for libraries, schools, graphic designers, publishing companies, hospitals, law firms, court houses and financial institutions. The Plustek EZ BookScan Center scans thick books without unbinding or dismantling them, making it a perfect solution for digitizing and preserving precious and valuable books. Particularly useful with bound materials, the Plustek EZ BookScan Center also includes a patented design that eliminates the book spine shadow and text distortion of traditional book copying and scanning. Plustek’s patent-pending SEE? Technology (Shadow Elimination Element) combines a patented lamp light with a special edge design that allows the scanning module to scan right up to where the book spine is placed. This clever design avoids the need for a large, expensive overhead scanner or complicated image-editing software. With Plustek’s SEE? Technology and the Plustek GreenScan System’s clearly-scanned pages, Becky is able to produce perfect scan results, even near the binding. 

This latest edition to the Plustek product line is available from A & E Office Machines, Inc and select Value Added Resellers nationwide. For more information, call 714-670-7713 or email   infousa@plustek.com

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