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Plustek's large book scanner is made specifically for the library market. It’s ergonomically designed and easy for students or patrons to operate....since you can just stand and scan. Plustek has over 25 years of expertise manufacturing doucument and book scanners for nearly every industry. We have used our digital capture expertise to develop the EZ BookScan Center. This all in one touch screen system focuses on solving the book scanning challenges in the public library environment.

We focused exclusively on public libraries when we saw that your patrons were being under served by other scanner providers. Patrons are scanning much more than just books.  We are finding that public library guest are scaning historical documents and photos that are be shared with family and community. We at Plustek plainly see that Americans are craving to be back into a community connected environment; and we know libraries are perfectly positioned to help people reconnect with others.

Solutions that attract patrons and encourage return visits
We build real utility into our EZ BookScan Center. We purposefully designed our EZ BookScan Center around a “less is more” theme where our features sets are built based on real student/patron use cases.

Obsolescent Proof
Our learning is continuous since we encourage our library partners to share patrons and student’s successes and challenges while using our products. Our UI is designed for no-staff intervention in mind, and we continuously add new relevant features to help make our solutions more patron friendly. You have complete administrative control over these upgrades to pick or disable them…without any IT involvement.

We developed a system that is highly flexible, so you can give your visitors a way to create their own creative solutions for converting analog media… to digital life!

The Plustek EZBookScan Center can scan old photos and nearly any material that can be placed on its large 12” x 17” format scanning bed and at a speedy 2.48 seconds @ 300 dpi for an A3 size color page. It can scan to email attachments or PDFs with a single touch!

We made our digital capture imaging system specifically for public library.

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