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eScan SharePoint scans documents directly into SharePoint with Metadata


Plustek Technology Inc.,  a leader in document scanning technology, has announced the first ever SharePoint-specific document scanner: The Plustek eScan SharePoint. Based on its popular eScan network standalone scanning kiosk, the SharePoint version allows users to scan paper documents directly into SharePoint Online and On-Premise, Microsoft Office 365, and network folders through an intuitive 7-inch touchscreen, no PC required. Sales will begin in late February 2017.

The Plustek standalone document scanning kiosk was tailor-made for SharePoint and Office 365 users to easily convert paper documents and save them directly into their designated folder or library, complete with metadata. This greatly reduces the usual document management scanning workload of having to scan to a PC, rename, add metadata and transfer the file in four separate steps. The eScan SharePoint can be pre-configured with user profiles and scanning tasks to become a seamless part of a company’s document management process.

“There are several ways to scan and transfer documents into SharePoint.” says Plustek VP of Sales Johnson Yang. “However, none of them were truly efficient, secure and convenient.Knowing this, we set out to create a scanner that anyone could use easily and safely without going through the scanner driver and application installation process and the extensive training associated with document management.”

The Plustek eScan has advanced security settings that allow the administrator to preprogram user profiles and designated scanning jobs, completely eliminating the risk of files being sent to the wrong place or being stolen. Additionally, the eScan does not save cached copies to an internal hard drive, so once the scan is completed, the memory buffer will be cleared and no hidden copies remain.

The eScan SharePoint features:

  • Secure, individual logins and scanning tasks for safe, efficient operation
  • Once set up, user profiles can be transferred via USB for easy, office-wide integration
  • Up to 30ppm/60ipm grayscale, 13ppm/26ipm color duplex scanning
  • 50-sheet automatic document feeder that can take various paper weights, sizes and plastic cards
  • XMP metadata support
  • Barcode recognition for document naming automation
  • Single-run duplex (double-sided) scanning and blank-page batch separation for bulkscanning

The Plustek eScan SharePoint scanner available through selected resellers and starts at $899. For more information on the eScan SharePoint scanner, please visit

About Plustek Technology Inc.

Plustek is a leading manufacturer of document scanning technology based in Southern California. In business since 1986, Plustek has several award-winning scanners to meet the needs of all offices, including document scanners, mobile scanners, book scanners, film and photo scanners, as well as advanced surveillance technologies. For more information, pleasevisit

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