What is SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a popular enterprise business collaboration platform.
Usually, it is the individual platform that integrates, search and collaborate all data information. SharePoint provides all the tool that can manage the organisation, including who can read it and update it.
Also, they sort the document in order to make search and check more convenience.
For more SharePoint information, please visit http://sharepoint.microsoft.com

What is SharePoint Network Document Scanner?

SharePoint Network Document Scanner is a standalone scanner, scan and uploads directly to cloud Office 365, SharePoint 2013/2016 server or Network drive.
The SharePoint Network Scanner accesses Office 365, using the Office 365 Sign-In credentials to connect scanner with the Office 365. There is no need to install any driver or software to your PC, provide the easiest one-touch scan and send directly to your destination.

Scan documents directly into Sharepoint Library
Scan documents directly into OneDrive
Scan documents directly into OneNote
Scan documents directly into a new email message Outlook
Scan documents directly into Network drive via SMB

SharePoint Document Network Scanner provide administrator to control the function below:

  1. Account management- Manage the user account
  2. Job management- Manage the upload destination and scan mode of job buttons
  3. User protection (created by administrator)
    Account password protection
    Scan job password protection