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    Covert 4-Channel Mobile DVR

    An Affordable, Comprehensive Mobile Surveillance Solution

    GoogleMaps Tracking

    Start using GoogleMaps tracking with your video surveillance

    Live Video

    Integrate a live video plug-in to your fleet management system


    Add a cost-effective DVR to your mobile tracking system


    Customize your mobile surveillance system with continuous recording or event-triggered recording

    Mobile Hotspot

    The MiniONE can be configured to serve as a mobile hotspot, allowing other devices to connect to the cloud and the internet

    Small but Powerful Remote Surveillance and Video Monitoring

    4-pin Molex connector
    for video-inx4
    4-pin Molex connector
    for power
    GPS antenna
    3G/LTE antenna
    Micro SD
    memory card slot
    SIM card
    CVBS port
    Status LED
    Power LED
    • The Plustek MiniONE is a small, lightweight mobile DVR that it is easy to install and conceal
    • Smaller than a smart phone, it measures a mere 4x2.8x.9"
    • Weighs less than 7 ounces (200 grams) and can be mounted using strong adhesive tape

    4-Channel D1 CCTV Camera Connectivity

    • The MiniONE supports up to 4-channel D1 CCTV camera, and features recording, live viewing and instant playback functions
    • The MiniONE records using D1 H.264 compression technology and supports CVBS display output
    • The dual stream supports local and remote live view and playback
    • An optional GPIO sensor can be connected to the turn indicators or backup lights to monitor movement and start recording at specific times
    • The MiniONE provides power directly to the cameras

    WiFi Connectivity for Seamless Monitoring and Remote Backup

    The MiniONE supports a 802.11n WiFi USB dongle

    • The MiniONE can be set up to link to existing wireless networks to reduce 3G/4G/LTE consumption
    • The MiniONE can be configured to serve as a mobile hotspot, allowing other devices to connect to the cloud and the internet
    • Configuring automatic backup when linked to a trusted WiFi network saves recording space and internet consumption

    Optional 4G Connectivity for Remote Deployment

    The Plustek MiniONE has an optional 3G/4G module
    that allows you to monitor your fleet en route

    Built-in GPS for Location Tracking

    The MiniONE’s built-in GPS receiver can easily record geographic location and vehicle speed and map them onto Google Maps

    • This allows you to monitor fleet position in real time or record the fleet movement path and overlay it onto Google Maps
    • Geographic location and vehicle speed are logged and recorded alongside the video recording

    Flexible and Secure Wide-Range Voltage Input,
    Self-Powered Cameras and Backup Power

    accepts a variety power sources emergency backup

    The MiniONE accepts a wide range of voltage inputs, from 9v~36v DC, making it suitable for use in most vehicles

    Accepts a variety power sources: DC, van and truck batteries, and solar power

    The MiniONE automatically powers the attached CCTV cameras

    Supports stable 12V/0.5A power to each camera, with a total maximum power of 2A

    Ignition/ACC signal detection automatically starts and stops DVR and CCTV Camera

    • Automatically switches on/off the mobile DVR & CCTV camera
    • Intelligent power on delay control prevents damage from power surges
    • When the ACC switch is turned off, the Mobile DVR will save all the previously un-recorded DRAM memory to SD card, then continue power down

    Easy Integration into the Existing Surveillance Systems

    Easy Integration and upgrades to existing security systems in minutes

    With Plustek’s unique technology, your system programmer can easily integrate the MiniONE and other components into your existing system

    Operational Cost Savings

    The Plustek MiniONE is an inexpensive and customizable surveillance system, and also provides a way to add surveillance services, video and sensor monitoring to existing security protocols

    • The MiniONE supports several communication technologies on demand, such as P2P, relay server, DNS or DDNS
    • Real time P2P technology allows you to connect to the MiniONE from any device at any time
    • Live-streaming can be turned on and off, allowing you to save on cellular network costs

    Low Power Consumption

    Standby Mode: 5W; with 4-Channel CCTV: 8W

    Rugged, Durable Design with Excellent Heat Dispersal

    Durable, Rugged Design for low and high-temperature environments

    • The slim, durable metal case has high-efficiency heat dispersal, eliminating the need for a fan
    • Device can operate in harsh environments, with an operational temperature of -20° to 70°C (-4° to 158°F)

    Upgrade and Expand Existing Surveillance Systems

    Built-In Micro SD Slot

    • A 128 GB Micro-SD can provide up to 3 weeks of video and location recording
    • The Micro-SD slot has built-in shock absorption providing information security when dispatched in vehicles operating in rugged terrains
    • SD card life detection informs the operator when there has been damage to the card, allowing them to immediately replace it and ensure that there are no gaps in coverage

    Remote Surveillance Back-Up

    Connect to both 3G/4G and WiFi for seamless backup, even in remote surveillance installations

    Remote Back-up and Local Storage

    • The MiniONE can provide expanded video coverage as well as location and sensor monitoring, allowing you to keep track of all vital project information in a single location
    • The MiniONE can be integrated into a number of sensors, and upgrades the function on your existing system by adding a video feed to your security system, adding live viewing and recording, GPS tracking, as well as sensor monitoring
    • OBD II connection (optional)

    Cutting-Edge, Customizable Software

    Plustek provides single unit monitor software,
    as well as the optional Plustek CMS

    • The MiniONE can be easily integrated into your current software
    • Software is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

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