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Intelligently designed personal desktop scanners to connect quickly and easily to your office systems. Ideal for smaller offices and individual users where ad hoc scanning and customer-related or front-desk business transactions are part of your daily routine.
High quality CCD image sensor
Detects documents and scans instantly
Photo 4” x 6” scanning speed of 2 seconds
Document A4 scanning speed of 5 seconds
Searchable PDF format available (for documents only)
ePhoto Z300
2 light sources: Visible (white light) and Infrared (IR)
Auto-detect documents and 1 sec quick image capture
USB power-in, no need extra power adapter
5 Megapixels camera sensor
SecureScan X100
3 light sources: Visible (white light), Infrared (IR) and Ultraviolet (UV)
Auto-detect and 1 sec quick image capture
Scalability of extra devices like AFIS & facial recognition via USB hub
5 Megapixels camera sensor
SecureScan X150
30ppm/60ipm Grayscale/B&W/Color Mode
Easily transportable and fits in crowed office
Up to 600dpi
3 buttons and 9 functional keys
Bundled DocAction II button configuration
SmartOffice PS188
Scan Speeds up to 25ppm/50ipm in Grayscale Mode
Scans Rigid Cards and A3 Document with Page Merge function
Documents and Rigid Cards
Creates Searchable PDFs
Single Touch Scanning to 9 Destinations
SmartOffice PS286 Plus
30 PPM / 60 IPM duplex scan in 200 dpi grayscale mode
Built-in Ultrasonic function for double feed detection
Multiple images output and auto-detect the scan mode of documents 
SmartOffice PS3060U
Scan to Evernote and Google Picasa
USB powered mobile scanner with Simplex Scanning in Color, Grayscale or B/W
Bundled with document management, OCR, BCR and imaging applications
Support Scans to searchable PDF
SmartOffice PS3140U
40 PPM / 80 IPM duplex scan in 200 dpi color mode
Versatile, USB connection to wide range of Plustek scanners
Built-in Ultrasonic function for double feed detection
Multiple images output and auto-detect the scan mode of documents
SmartOffice PS4080U
High speed: 20ppm Grayscale/20ppm colour
Productive mobile scanning with 20-sheet ADF
Supports ID and embossed card scanning
Ultra compact and robust for mobility
Versatile software including scanning to cloud apps
MobileOffice AD480
Scans licences, ID cards and documents up to 50” long
Duplex and simplex color, grayscale and black and white scanner
TWAIN drivers for easy integration with healthcare applications
Scan to searchable PDF
MobileOffice D430
A6 Size Sheetfed Color Scanning
Scans ID cards, drivers licences and photos
Business Card Management Software included
USB Powered 
MobileOffice S602
CIS flatbed scanner
Large format scanning area (A3 size)
1200 dpi resolution
Scan to Searchable PDF
OpticSlim 1180
CIS scanner
No power adaptor required
Optical resolution 1200 dpi
Searchable PDF Embedded
OpticSlim 2610
LED Light Source
3-second High-speed Scanning
Unique Lid Design
Built-in USB2.0 HUB to link with ADF scanner
OpticSlim 2680H
Portable design/easy to carry
Ideal solution for managing & organizing ID cards and passports etc.
Multi-function software bundled
User-friendly buttons for ease-of-operation
OpticSlim 550 Plus
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