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Plustek featuring Easy product theme at CES 

LAS VEGAS, Jan 5, 2016 – Plustek Inc., a leader in digital imaging, is pleased to announce that they will showcase an instant-on home surveillance WIFI system, automatic photo scanner, and other exciting new products.

The WIFI surveillances system used to be installed by professionals in the past, who needed to pull wires from the cameras back to the base unit. The new Plustek WIFI home surveillance offers an instant sync so there’s no need to pay for an installer. And if there is a power outage or internet connection disruption, these cameras will search for the base station and reconnect automatically. The system also features motion detection, event notification, motion based recording and real time video viewing from a phone.

The new photo scanner, ePhoto Z300, is the easiest way for consumers to digitize their photos. Users just insert their photo and display the scanned image on your PC or MAC. A proprietary roller set ensures that photos will not touch any objects that could potentially cause scratches. To further protect the photo, it is limited to a one-at-a-time scan; verses, an auto-feed scanner where photos rub against each as they are pulled down.

In addition to ePhoto, Plustek also showcase a stand along document scanner which offers scan to email, Cloud, FTP, network folder and/or USB drive without a PC or MAC. Users can scan once and then send to multiple destinations, saving their scan task as a job button for the next time and it remembers the users email or cloud credentials. The office staff can create groups for unlimited job buttons.

“The theme at CES is to redefine, easy-of-use in our product offerings without increasing the price” said Robert Fuchs, marketing manager “It’s an honor to celebrate our 30th year of design achievements at this show with a few surprise products that go-to-market in mid-2016”.

Visit Plustek booth (# 35501 S. Hall 4 LVCC) to see the following new products: + eDoc N600 is a private cloud dedicated server, tailor-made for the SME & SOHO office environment. + SecureScan, is a compact Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTD) scanner, designed to capture, verify and authenticate passports, ID cards and drivers licenses utilizing visible and IR light illumination. + OpticFilm 135 is a film scanner that’s motorized for automatic batch scanning of 35mm film. + AD480 is a portable duplex ADF scanner with one-touch scan to searchable PDF.

About Plustek

Based in Taiwan with 30 years of integrated design experience, Plustek Inc. is an imaging and surveillance solution provider. It designs and manufacturers an array of imaging devices for more information, please visit:

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