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Scanning your film treasures made easier!

This film digitizer is perfect for people who have shoes box full of negatives and slides since it does batch scanning and image enhancements with just a touch...

Outstanding resolution to output extraordinary image

The OpticFim 135 offers the well-known and striking image quality of Plustek film scanner product series. Its well-designed optical system brings better picture quality, greater light sensitivity, and lower image noise.

Sharpness and high dynamic range

The resolution and dynamic range is tested and ensured.

The comparison images show the different grade of clearness and shadow details of the scanned target digitized by plustek film scanner and third party device.

Contrast ratio Dynamic range
256:1 2.0
1024:1 3.0
4096:1 3.6
16384:1 4.2
65536:1 4.8

Plustek OF135@1200dpi

Slide converter@1200dpi

With reliable 3600 dpi optical resolution, an output of up to 17.3 megapixel images and more(1), likewise to so-called full frame(2)digital-SLR cameras. This makes photo printing up to 12” x 17” very easy.

Remark: 1Scanning panoramic size film at maximum resolution can be larger than 17.3 megapixel images.2Full Frame digital-SLR means the size of the DSLR image sensor is 36 x 24 mm, same as regular photographic film size.

Frame Size in Resolution in pixels Resolution in pixels approx. Megapixel count
mm inch
36 24 1.4 0.9 600 850 567 0.5
36 24 1.4 0.9 1200 1701 1134 1.8
36 24 1.4 0.9 1800 2551 1701 4.1
36 24 1.4 0.9 2400 3402 2268 7.4
36 24 1.4 0.9 3600 5102 3402 16.6

Supports all 135 film format cameras, taking 35mm film roll in sizes.

Regular film size

(24mm x 36mm)

XPAN Panoramic film size

(24mm x 65mm)

Panoramic film size

(Max. Length: 226 mm)

Remark: To scan panoramic film, optional film holder accessory is required.

Newly design film holder enhances overall using experience and ensures image quality

  • Loads film easily
  • Ensures film flatness
With film
Without film

Specific film holder identity design

Helps overall scanning flow more efficiency.

Ease of use and better productivity

The OpticFilm 135 features three single touch buttons, next to the motorized film transport for automatic batch scanning, and a specific film holder identity design which automatically identifies the selected film holder.

Running mode

No warm-up time is required

Power saving sleep mode

Less than 0.5W, meet energy star standard

  • Eject button with indicator light
  • Positive (Slide) film scanning button
  • Negative film scanning button
  • Custom scanning button
  • Power Saving button with indicator light

F: Hardware power switch

No more unnecessary heat production and power consumption

The OpticFilm 135 comes with Plustek’s newly designed software Quickscan Plus with automated image processing.

Intuitive software user interface

Scanned film images can be quickly viewed, edited and shared


Variety of adjusting tools

Blur/Sharpen/Auto Exposure/Crop/Rotate/Arbitrary Vignetting

Five creative picture effects


Shared to online albums or social networks Zoom in to review the scanned pictures Multiple ways to look at the editing result and see the comparison: Single-view, Dual-view, Midline-view

Shares online immediately

Software update notification

Supports both Windows and Mac