Produits   Scanners à plat

L'OpticSlim 2680H permet une numérisation d'image couleur de haute qualité avec une résolution de 300 dpi en seulement 3 secondes, permettant d'importants gains d'efficacité et économies au niveau des numérisations. En outre, l'OpticSlim 2680H est le scanner à plat le plus rapide, il peut être relié via une connexion USB à des scanners à chargeur automatique tels que les modèles SmartOffice PS4080U, PS456U et SC8016U, procurant une interface de numérisation double mode pratique pour une poste de travail et un logiciel DocAction uniques.

Stylish appearance

Stylish ergonomic horizontal flip-top; easy to operate and store-away.

LED Light Source

The OpticSlim 2680H’s LED light source provides stable illumination that doesn’t change from scan to scan or over the life of the scanner. This results in higher quality images and no warm-up time is needed.

3-second High-speed Scanning

Significantly improve your work efficiency by converting your paper documents to electronic documents only in 3 seconds.

Built-in USB2.0 HUB, making link to ADF scanner simpler

Link together with ADF (Auto Document Feeder) scanner and enjoy lighting speed scanning.

Unique Lid Design

90 degrees foldable flip cover, easily scan thicker books, magazines, and other 3D objects.

4 Smart Function Buttons

Copy: Scan images directly to the printer.

Scan: You may customize this button function to meet your applications.

PDF: Convert images to text documents created by the scanner into searchable PDF or PDF image files.

Custom: place a key feature set (Copy,OCR,PDF,E-mail,Scan,File), allowing you to scan more conveniently and easily.

Versatile Flatbed Scanning

Removable flip-top cover offering an alternative for scanning hardbound books and larger files without any limitation or boundaries.