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Published Date: Ahrensburg, February 2016

A visit to the Plustek booth (Hall 3, F29) is worth it in many ways. Highlights will be a series of keynote speeches, also on the occasion of celebrating Plustek’s 30 th year of business, with the participation of renowned partners from Germany and UK, for an exclusive briefing on solutions to help businesses to run more efficiently and cost effectively.

On one hand, visitors can learn in detail about the new brand essence of Plustek – making digitization as easy as possible for users – and related to this, the latest innovations in the area of document, network and film scanners. On the other hand, you can also win a Plustek ePhoto Z300 valued at Euro 200 with a bit of luck.

Document network scanners: eScan A150, eScan A250 and eScan Solutions

The market wants it easy and convenient. Under this motto, more than just the document network scanner eScan A150 will be shown enhanced with various functions. There is also a new job menu in particular with which the user can setup any number of scan profiles as shortcut functions and be able to start these job routines very easily at the press of a button. In addition, the eScan A250 will also be presented. It is the second product in the eScan product famil y, also equipped with the job menu and considerably higher scanning speed.

eScan Solutions: Scanning rethought for doctors' surgeries, medical service centers and also tax consultants

The highlights of the eScan presentation at the Plustek booth are the eScan Solutions mediDOK ScanAPP and the HSP.Plus application. The Dossenheim company mediDOK developed the mediDOK ScanApp exclusively for the Plustek eScan A150, with which patient data can be categorized, archived and also displayed directly from the management system on the Multi-Touch user interface of the scanner.

HSP.PLUS Scanner

The tax consultant office HSP Steuer Berlin presented through their company HSP.PLUS an innovative service for digital document management with the using of Plustek Scanner. HSP.PLUS offers a convenient solution for the smooth functioning in financial accounting.

The scanner is preconfigured with special software for the client and works computer -independent: cable into the socket, via wireless or cable to the network and finished is the comfortable scanning center. It works seamlessly with the DATEV software Unternehmen online.

The HSP.PLUS interface is easy and intuitive to use and provides following features:

  • Intelligent page recognition via barcode
  • Data optimized scanning setting (black and white, 300DPI. TIFF)
  • Automatic updating of data in DATEV Unternehmen online
  • Search for not scanned documents (document tracking via barcode)
  • Interested parties have the possibility to visit HSP.PLUS on the Plustek locati on at CeBIT, in hall 3, stand F29, every day of the fair.

    Picture credits: HSP Steuer Berlin, HSP.PLUS Scanner, Barcodes

    Photo and film scanner - Backup your life's work and keep archived treasures for eternity.

    In light of huge stocks of analogue pictures that have to be archived, the topic of scanning is more current than ever. In this connection, Plustek is showing two innovations in the areas of photo and film scanners: the ePhoto Z300 and OpticFilm 135. The ePhoto Z300 is a sensor-controlled photo and document scanner in a modern design, customized for private users and easy and convenient digitalization of photo archives. The scanner facilitates careful, automatic scanning and processing of photos and also documents in just a few seconds without pressing any buttons.

    The OpticFilm 135 supplies high-quality scans of 35mm slides and negative film formats and is customized for hobby photographers, who want to safeguard their valuable film treasures conveniently and easily. Besides panorama film scan ning and motorized film transport for automatic stack processing, the film scanner provides shortcut functions and a new original holder design that the film scanner can automatically recognize and categorize.In addition, the public will be shown the new workgroup document

    In addition, the public will be shown the new workgroup document scanner PS30D and also an ID scanner of the SecureScan product line. With the SecureScan X100, a great variety of IDs and travel documents can be scanned and processed. The SecureScan X100 can be used above all in the travel and tourism sector, but also for car rental, and the financial and telecommunications services sector Seite as well as for age-restricted products.

    Picture credits: Plustek eScan A150, Network-Document Scanner with mediDOK ScanApp

    Picture credits: Plustek ePhoto Z300, Photo- and Document Scanner

    Picture credits: Plustek OpticFilm 135, 35mm Film ScannerPicture

    Picture credits: Plustek SmartOffice PS30D, Document Scanner for WorkgroupsSeite


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