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Plustek MobileOffice series scanners include portable scanners and card scanners.  

Many MobileOffice models are available that are powered by your computer and do not require AC power.  These scanners are perfect for scanning documents, travel receipts, and contracts when you are away from the office.

Card scanners in the MobileOffice series are designed to scan rigid cards and small items like insurance cards, ID cards, checks deposit slips, and medical prescriptions.  These scanners are used in many healthcare, pharmacy, and front desk applications worldwide.

A6 Size Sheetfed Color Scanning
Scans ID cards, drivers licences and photos
Business Card Management Software included
USB Powered
MobileOffice S601
This scanner has been discontinued.  Please see MobileOffice S601
OptiCard 821
Scans licences, ID cards and documents up to 50” long
Duplex and simplex color, grayscale and black and white scanner
TWAIN drivers for easy integration with healthcare applications
Scan to searchable PDF
MobileOffice D430
Portable Business Card Scanner
Small and compact
Includes HotCard business card management software
MobileOffice S800
3 ppm Simplex Scanner
Compact and easily transported
USB Powered
Scan Documents and Receipts to Searchable PDF
177 languages OCR support
MobileOffice S400
Scan to Evernote and Google Picasa
USB powered mobile scanner with Simplex Scanning in Color, Grayscale or B/W
Bundled with document management, OCR, BCR and imaging applications
Support Scans to searchable PDF
MobileOffice S410
Simplex portable scanner
Able to scan plastic card
Scan to "Searchable PDF"
High Scanning Speed up to 12 ppm
Share information by using S420 docking station
MobileOffice S420
High speed, scans an A4 just 5 seconds
Scan rigid embossed cards such as licenses, insurance cards, membership cards
2 Single-touch customizable buttons automates frequent scanning jobs
MobileOffice D412
Discontinued. See MobileOffice S400
OpticSlim M12
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