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Office Center
Office Center
Document scanners, mobile scanners, large format graphic scanners and book scanners designed for a wide range of applications.
Imaging Center
Imaging Center
A wide range of film scanners and photographic scanners for everyone from the amateur to professional photographer.
Communication Center
Communication Center
Network Video Recorder solutions for many environments.
Office Center
Office Center
Plustek book scanners that scan documents and books to audio format and high contrast display for the visually impaired.
Plustek book scanners feature Plustek's patent pending SEE™ (Shadow Elimination Element) Technology. SEE™ technology provides distortion and shadow free images within 2mm of the book spine.
Plustek SmartOffice series includes document scanners from 25 to 80 pages per minute. These scanners are designed with the image quality, paper handling and reliability required by the most demanding business users and offer great value. Scan documents and rigid cards with ease!
Plustek OpticPro A3 flatbed scanners provide a total solution for fast, high resolution scanning of artwork and documents up to 12x17".
Plustek MobileOffice series scanners include portable scanners and card scanners. Many MobileOffice models are available that are powered by your computer and do not require AC power. These scanners are perfect for scanning documents, travel receipts, and contracts when you are away from the office. Card scanners in the MobileOffice series are designed to scan rigid cards and small items like insurance cards, ID cards, checks deposit slips, and medical prescriptions. These scanners are used in many healthcare, pharmacy, and front desk applications worldwide.
Imaging Center
Imaging Center
Plustek OpticSlim scanners are small, lightweight flatbed scanners.
Plustek SmartPhoto scanners make fast work of digitizing your collection of photographs.
Plustek OpticFilm scanners are specialized tools for scanning slides and negatives. OpticFilm scanners are used by professional and amateur photographers worldwide.
Communication Center
Communication Center
See it all, anytime, anywhere. Plustek advanced security solutions feature web based management utilities that will allow you to liveview, playback, schedule recordings and much more! Install a Plustek security solution and start enjoying world class security video monitoring TODAY!
Plustek MultiServer MFA 1000S is the most integrated and creative innovation in network system, web host and VoIP area. MultiServer is specifically designed for small and medium enterprises, SOHO, schools and internet-related product design industries. The system interface is very user-friendly in teams of its design, setup and management. By using web browser, the installation is easier for everyone to follow the instruction and its software application is more convenient and simpler to use and change by users. MultiServer is designed around the reasonable feature and it really can be said "easy to learn, easy to use".
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