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Plustek eScan simply easy !

Plustek eScan is a standalone network scanner designed to facilitate the digitizing process of your office paperwork in one central location.
It’s very easy to use, compact and portable. Scan, preview, and sending documents have never been easier. All can be done without being tether to another device (e.g. computer).

Operation is self-guided. Documents are scanned and displayed on the touchscreen as thumbnails that allow users to quickly review and make adjustments at will. Job buttons can be created for one button scanning to destination for those repetitive tasks, maintain scanning consistency and reduce unintended errors.
eScan provides the greatest flexibility, system efficiency,
open-platform to save development cost and time.
Design with an Android platform that allows greater flexibility by using Linux design and drastically reduces the overall hardware cost for touchscreen operation.

A device that is suitable for the various industries, a standalone network scanner,
which can maximize business efficiency.


The eScan optimizes financial and accounting workflows, adds simplicity, efficiency and security for auditing, all without a PC. It is an ideal paperless converter for CPAs, allowing them to quickly scan and send documents of various weights and sizes – from general ledger, accounts receivable, account payable, sales orders and shipping orders – to multiple destinations, including major cloud services, network shared folders, email, FTP and more.


Whether it’s student records, transcripts, reports or graded assignments, the eScan’s fast duplex scanning, custom naming conventions and ability to separate bulk scanning into separate files using blank pages of papers can drastically reduce the time spent on tedious scanning tasks, allowing administrators to send files to relevant departments and to students at the touch of a button.


Time is of the essence in hospital and medical settings, where staffs have to balance their efforts between patient care and everyday office work and record keeping. Freeing medical staff to focus on their essential duties and making administrative work fast and painless; digitalizing patient records, medical and ID cards and other documents directly to their computers and document management systems without interrupting the workflow of personnel.


Nowhere is proper documentation and document management more important than law firms, where each client’s pleadings, discovery documents, forms, and letters, as well as edited drafts, must be stored quickly and accurately. The Plustek eScan was designed to facilitate the everyday scanning and filing of legal documents, allowing users to quickly scan, preview, watermark and send documents directly into respective document management system.

Choose the right eScan package that fits you :


for groups:
office personnel,
secretary, and more
Easy as 1-2-3 Delivered
All the functions you need on one device that lets you digitalize your files and documents in 3 simple steps


for organizations:
corporations, multiple locations,
sites, branches & more
Empower Management Process
Premium admin controls and button configuration management helps manage your solution deployment at scale


for developers:
customize project, & more
Powerful Customization Performance
Customizable interface that personalize according to individual businesses image for a consistent user experience

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