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eScan Series

Plustek eScan Series are a range of standalone scanners that intuitively guides you through every step of the scanning process. The ideal solution that lets you access your documents anywhere through a wide range of scanning modes wired/wirelessly to PC both Windows and Mac and much more, such as, cloud services, smartphones ( iPad/iPhone, and Android devices), USB, FTP, or even e-mail. No matter which mode you choose, digitizing your documents and sharing couldn’t be anymore simpler.

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Knowledge Office Series

Plustek's patent pending SEE™ (Shadow Elimination Element) Technology includes a specially designed edge and lamp. The book can be scanned with the pages completely flat on the glass to avoid the annoying book spine shadow and distorted lines of text which occur when the books are scanned on a traditional flatbed scanner.

SmartOffice Series

The Plustek SmartOffice series of affordable and easy-to-use scanners make it easy to scan business documents, technical drawings, photos and more. Designed to enhance productivity in your office, they are the perfect solution for single or multi-page scanning up to A3 and are easy to integrate and extremely versatile, thanks to Plustek’s latest imaging technologies.

MobileOffice Series

Plustek MobileOffice scanners are compact and easy to use. You might not think you need one, but after getting one you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it. Pick a scanner from the MobileOffice series that suits your needs and you’ll be able to organise your files more effectively, whether at the office or on the road.

OpticPro A3 series

Plustek OpticPro A3 series provide total solution for large format scanning. High quality scanning result with hyper scanning speed
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OpticFilm Series

Plustek OpticFilm Series are specialized Expert Digitize Tool for scanning Slide and Negatives. Our models are used by Professional Photographers, Graphic Designers, and for personal use.

OpticPro ST Series

Plustek OpticPro Series are excellent Flatbed Scanners and come with capability of scanning Slides and Films larger than 35 mm format. It also scans Photos, Cards, and Letter Sized Paper.

OpticLab Series

Plustek OpticLab series provide total solution for digitizing your medical samples.


Plustek SmartPhoto Series are specialized Expert Digitize Tool for scanning to photo frames

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Respected as one of the world-class imaging and surveillance solutions providers, Plustek is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality, professional scanners as well as security devices for businesses, professionals and consumers. In business since 1986, Plustek is committed to our customers and partners. Innovative products are designed through the contribution and voices collected from users and various technology and trade partners to ensure these products meet and exceed their expectations. Our large investments in technology innovations coupled with a close-knit network of global sales, marketing and support teams, demonstrates Plustek’s commitment to our customers.
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